About Curly Frog Farm

Caring For Community, Farming & Environment.

About Curly Frog Farm is an agricultural initiative that supports both farmland and wetland in the beautiful Okanagan Valley flatlands since 2000.

Curly Frog Farm has several species of hardwood trees inter-planted with conifers and fruit trees based on principles and innovative practices such as sustainability and agroforestry. Nut species such as black walnut, English walnut, trazels, and yellow horn are planted for their timber value as well as for biodiversity, food and wildlife. Among the nut trees are Christmas trees, mulberry and paw paw fruit trees, herbs, black raspberries, vegetables and flowers.

In an effort to work with Mother Nature and increased flooding, Curly Frog Farm partnered with BC Wildlife Federation and developed Chinampas, thus creating wetlands by excavating channels in high water table soils and piling into long growing mounds creating more productive farmland. A win/win situation for the farmer and the environment!


About Curly Frog Farm

About Curly Frog Farm

Our free range chickens are thoroughly enjoyed by our customers not only for the fresh eggs but for their quirky entertainment as well. We have both heritage and common breeds to which our roosters are very dedicated.

Our willow plantation consists of 5 species: curly, pussy, purple osier, golden and sandbar willow. We sell cuttings and whips for various uses such as creek restoration, weaving, crafts, twig furniture and live willow structures. Stay tuned for our u-pick willow plantation!

Sharing her love of design and creating, Brenda teaches willow weaving, wool felting and educational farm tours. She can be found teaching at Curly Frog Farm or speaking at various public engagements.

An article where I answer questions about being a farmer.


An article from one of my presentations at the Pacific Agricultural Show profiling my work.




More About Curly Frog Farm History Behind the Name

Curly Frog Farm is named in honour of my mother and father, Irene and Rene. Curly is for my mom who lovingly planted the first curly willow trees on the farm and whom I learned my expansive creative spirit from. Frog is for my dad who was jovially nick-named Froggy and who cultivated in me my industrious entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, all our fields are named in honour of our grandmothers, ensuring that they hold a special place in our hearts.

With much love and gratitude

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