Curly Frog Farm

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Large Magical Willow Sphere

Create year round magical ambiance with these spheres! Hand woven by me from willow harvested annually from my own willow plantation.


- preserved for outdoor weather to last for years to come

- comes wrapped with a string of 30 LED battery operated lights


- wired with a hanger for outdoor or indoor use

Large Charming Willow Stars

Create holiday ambiance with these charming stars! The willow for these are harvested from my own willow plantation and woven into simple, stylish stars.

- average size is 32 Inches

- wrapped in a string of 30 LED battery operated lights

- wired for hanging indoors or out

Small Country Willow Stars

These folksy stars are harvested and woven from my own willow plantation.

-average size is 19 inches

-wired with a hanger for indoor or outdoor use


Rustic Woven Christmas Tree

Woven from invasive vine species on the farm, these trees are very eco friendly!

-average 26 inches tall

-wrapped in a string of 20 colored LED battery operated lights

-indoor or outdoor use



Willow Cuttings For Sale - Start your own coppice garden!

Willow cuttings will be available for propagation January 2016.  We have found many willow uses at the farm including garden ornamentals, floral, twig furniture, living domes, chairs, tunnels, fences, wildlife value and land reclamation.

- average 11 inches      - sold in bundles of 10 of same variety

- $10 per bundle           - live, dormant hardwood cuttings


Red Osier Dogwood

General uses - floral display, decorative component in structures, wreaths, wildlife value, garden ornamentals.  Beautiful red stem color in winter!


Golden/Pacific Willow

General uses - twig furniture, living structures such as fences, domes, tunnels, garden ornamentals, wildlife value. This is one of the larger willows, beautiful yellow stems and very versatile and useful!

Coyote Willow

General Uses - basketry, garden ornamentals, living structures, land reclamation.  This willow produces long slender whips with little branching.  It is one of my favorites! Limited amount available.

Pussy Willow

General Uses - floral, basketry, living structures, twig furniture, wildlife value, garden ornamentals, wreaths.  The catkins are a favorite for bees!




General Uses - wildlife value, land reclamation