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Small farmer plants nut trees, sells pine trees at Christmas and holds classes on willow weaving to make farm pay,

Thank you to reporter Barbara Duckworth for this news article in "Western Producer",

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Nuts are starting to fall!

     Welcome fall!  The black walnut trees are the first to change color and lose their leaves here on the farm.  In fact the nuts are starting to fall too!  The leaves and nuts have such a fresh, citrusy, invigorating smell.  I'd love to come up with a product for that!  Our trees come from seed orchards at Purdue University where they have been selectively developed for exceptional growth rate and tree form since 1968.  It is certainly evident from the growth we've seen over the last few years. The nuts are available as seed stock for 50 cents each.  There is no guarantee of germination however I have had great success and can share my experiences with you.  If germinated seed is more your style I can offer that in the spring (additional cost), just let me know so I can save you some seed stock.  With the husks this year I am going to try dying my own wool.  Will post pictures when it happens!

     BC Wildlife Federation Wetlands Institute is hosting a 7 day environmental stewardship workshop at the end of September with part of it held at Curly Frog Farm.  Together we are creating chinampas.  These are a form of ancient raised field agriculture used on lands with a permanent high water table and prone to flooding.  Exactly the conditions we have here in our pasture.  Wetlands are excavated with the soils placed on long rectangular platforms used for growing crops while the banks will be planted with native species for wildlife.  It is a win/win for agriculture and for wetlands with a huge learning curve!


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